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Hi, I'm Joanna! An introvert turned extrovert due to her career --haha. To say that I freaking LOVE weddings and photography is an understatement. But to tell you the truth, I didn't ever think that my love for both would come together to give me my dream job. Luckily, Gods plans for me were much greater than what I had in mind. 

I am a lover of all things classic, chic, timeless, and modern -- hence why I'm always in a turtleneck. My family (and pets) are my motivation to constantly kick-booty in whatever I do. 

As your photographer my goal is to serve you with excellence. This means making you comfortable in front of the camera, understanding what's important to you, treating everyone with kindness, and telling you when to stand up straight and roll your shoulders back (cause ain't no one having bad posture in my photos duh.) 

All in all, I'm here to provide you not just timeless photographs but an incredible photography experience. 

p.s. people always mention that I'm funny so that's cool I guess.


owner & LEAD photographer 


I've said this a million times and I will say it a million more, LEAH IS THE DETAIL QUEEN! Not only is she extremely attentive and hardworking but her eye for detail is incredible. Just feed her cake and all will be well.  

the Detail Queen



the go getter

Manuela puts in WORK! Not only does she take stunning photojournalistic style images that will leave you breathless but she will always make everyone feel welcomed and cared for. 

Let me just start off by saying that I have THE BEST team -- hands down no competition. Individually they're incredible but when you have us all together it's like FIREWORKS on the 4th of July. Both Leah and Manuela are talented photographers but even better people. I know that whether you hire them as your lead photographer or they come as my second photographer that you are in good hands. They understand the importance of serving our clients and are always happy to go the extra mile.

DISCLAIMER: Only for couples interested in not only having their dream wedding photos but also care about having THE BEST team to make this happen. 

iF you're thinking
 "yep, i need this"