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Do you want in on a little wedding secret? The people you will spend most of your wedding day with are your PHOTOGRAPHERS. This is why having experienced wedding photographers you can trust and connect with is essential. We’re not showing up to take pretty pictures, we’re showing up to tell your love story in the most romantic, timeless, and authentic way possible. 

Just like in any great relationship, communication is key. For us, this begins with the promise of quick responses, a custom timeline, and a chance to get to know each other and connect through an engagement session. 

When you hire us, rest assured that you’ve hired experienced and skilled photographers ready to handle it all! Aside from understanding composition, lighting, and the art of photography- we understand relationships. We believe this is what matters most so that we can not only make your vision come to life, but also make sure your family and guests are comfortable too.

In the end, our goal is for you to enjoy and experience every moment of your wedding day while we capture it all- from intimate moments to carefully planned details- in a way that tells YOUR story.

tell your love story

welcome to JCANELAS PHOTOGRAPHY! where we

Joanna is amazing - she was essential to have at our wedding and we are so thankful we hired her. She understood our vibe as a couple immediately and made us feel so comfortable during both engagement and wedding photos. Her photos are vibrant and really capture people's authentic personalities, which we love so much. Her assistant was great as well and assisted me whenever I walked around to ensure my dress and veil did not get caught on anything. I cannot recommend Joanna enough!!

"she was essential to have at our wedding and we are so thankful we hired her"

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 - Having fast and clear communication
- Send questionnaire to best understand your wedding vision
- Providing you with a custom timeline
- Offering engagement session prep guide 
- Make sure you and everyone at your wedding look incredible for photos ( we fluff dresses, hold veils, are hair-tie police, and double check the little details)
- Offer advice and direction when it comes to posing
- HYPE YOU UP during portraits
- Make you feel like a Queen/King  THE WHOLE FREAKIN' DAY

If there's something that we're known for, it's for taking care of our couples. This means: 

what we do for you

jp & giselle / a washington state destination wedding

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