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What To Look for In a Wedding Photographer

What To Look for In a Wedding Photographer

Alright couples, let’s talk about green flags when booking a wedding photographer. These are the top tips I highly recommended every couple look for before putting a deposit down.


  1. They have a website! Like a legit website!

No, having just a Facebook page doesn’t count and neither does having just an Instagram account suffice. Remember, these are your wedding photos! You want to make sure that you’re hiring an experienced professional who can handle all types of lighting scenarios, has a reputable portfolio, and can share about their client experience. If they don’t have a website, move on.

  1. Fast & Clear Communication
    1. I get it, people have lives and no two businesses run things the same, but if they’re taking more than 48 hours to get back, red flag! Yes, we’re all busy but you want someone dedicated in making this the best wedding photography experience. Also, make sure you’re filling out their website contact form and NOT sending DM’s. This is proper wedding etiquette. I’ll let you in on a little secret… we tend to prioritize the inquiries that took the time to fill out our form over the DM’s that say, “more info please.”
  2. They Send You Full Galleries of Their Work
    1. This is a PLUS PLUS PLUS!!! Let’s be real, if you’re looking through their full galleries and can see consistency in their editing, ability to photograph in different light scenarios (gardens, beach, ballrooms, etc.), know how to organize people for photos, and have a clear understanding on how composition works, then you’ve found yourself a high contender! If the photographer you’re inquiring with doesn’t send a full gallery, ASK FOR ONE!!!
  3. Past Clients Leave Them Raving Reviews!!!
    1. Always, always, always check out the reviews! If past couples are raving about their experience, compliments their work, and highly recommends them, believe them!
  4. They Can Capture Candid’s & Posed Photos
    1. You’re going to want the best of both worlds. If you find a photographer that is great at capturing candid moments but can’t structure formal photos, keep looking. Yes, capturing moments is essential but we also want beautiful family photos, bridal party photos, and couple photos. If you think that all these images happen organically, keep dreaming. There will be times where you’ll need guidance to capture those moments. And if your photographer is only showcasing posed photos, then you can expect more robotic and stoic images- we don’t want that either. Find a photographer that does a beautiful blend of both.


Once you find the photographer that checks all these boxes, fill out that inquiry form, set up a consultation and BOOK!!! There are many great photographers, but once your favorite photographer is booked, others won’t compare. Hope all these tips helped.


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